Gourmet Burger Kitchen Menu and Prices in UK [Updated 2023]

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Gourmet Burger Kitchen Menu Prices UK 2023

Since 2001, Gourmet Burger Kitchen has been UK’s home of the original gourmet burger- Juicy, delicious, freshly-made burgers made with quality ingredients. Current Gourmet Burger Kitchen GBK UK menu prices are given below.

The Gourmet Burger Kitchen menu features a variety of juicy burgers made with 100% Scottish beef, sides, salads, milkshakes, desserts and a selection of refreshing drinks. 

For people following plant-based or gluten-free diet, GBK also offers a range of veggie and gluten-free options to make sure no one’s left out. The GBK menu also features a range of grab-and-go options for customers on the go.

The GBK menu is designed to offer a quick and satisfying meal for foodies while being aware of dietary limitations and health concerns.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Menu

Gourmet Burger Kitchen GBK UK Menu Prices

Check out the updated Gourmet Burger Kitchen menu price list-

While You Wait

First Bites

Falafel Bites £4.25
Hei Hei Chicken Tenders Bites £4.25
Halloumi Bites £3.95

Fries & Sides






Draught Beer

Beer & Cider

Brewdog Punk IPA (330ml) £4.95
Budvar (330ml) £4.15
San Miguel Gluten Free (330ml) £4.55
San Miguel 0,0 (Non-Alcoholic) (330ml)  £4.55
London Fields Hackney Hopster (330ml) £5.25
Urban Orchard Cider (330ml) £5.15
Gipsey Hill Baller (330ml) £5.65
Hollows Ginger Beer (500ml) £5.65
Sputnik (330ml) £5.55




Soft Drinks

Sparkling Water £2.25
Still Water £2.25
Strawberry and Elderflower Fresh & Fizzy £2.80
Ginger & Lemongrass £2.80
Elderflower £2.80

Fresh & Fizzy

Ice Cream

Go Smaller

Classic Beef 4oz £7.10
Classic Cheddar Cheese 4oz £8.20
Classic Smoked Applewood 4oz £8.20
Panko Classic Chicken Small £8.50
Classic American Cheese 4oz £8.20
Grilled Classic Chicken Small £8.50
Classic Veggie Small £7.40
Classic Vegan Small £7.40

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Contact details

Address: 1 Lindsey Street Suite C 2nd Floor London, GB.

Phone: 0333 234 1889

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Overall, Gourmet Burger Kitchen is great place for people looking for delicious and healthy food options. With a variety of juicy burgers and dedication to catering diverse dietary needs, Gourmet Burger Kitchen GBK is a must try for foodies across the UK.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious burger with friends and family. And a perfect meal at GBK can cost you around £10.

Hopefully, you like it and find it informative. If you have any questions then write them down below in the comment section. Thank you for being with the whole article.

If you are interested to read more menus like this then follow the site- menuprices.co.uk. 

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