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IKEA Restaurant Menu and Prices

Craving traditional Swedish dishes without harming your pocket? Then, IKEA Restaurant Menu and prices are fantastic options for you.

IKEA Restaurant offers an extensive menu catering to different tastes and dietary requirements featuring a range of traditional Scandinavian dishes and international favorites. You can find breakfast options, warm dishes, cold dishes, desserts, and kids’ menu.

Here is the Ikea Menu Price list which you should check while ordering your food:

Ikea UK Menu with Prices


Peas £0.45
Garlic Bread £0.45
Mash Potato £1.1
Chips £1.1
Bread Roll £0.45
Butter Portion £0.05


Side salad £0.85
Marinated Salmon plate £2.45
Tomato and Mozzarella salad £1.3
Prawn and Egg Sandwich £2.75
Assorted Sandwiches £2.6

Main Meals

12 Swedish Meatballs £5
8 Swedish Meatballs £4
8 Plantballs £3.75
12 Plantballs £4.75
8 Veggie balls £3.5
12 Veggie balls £4.5
Fish and Chips £4.2
Chicken Wellington £4.5
Salmon Fillet £5.2
1/2 Jerk Chicken £6.15
1/4 Jerk Chicken £4.35

Kids Meals

1 Chicken goujon (Under 4) £1.85
2 Chicken goujons (Over 4) £2.2
Veggie balls £2.2
Swedish Meatballs £2.2
Children’s Fish £2.2


Cinnamon bun £0.5
Swedish Apple Cake £1.45
Blueberry Cheesecake £1.8
Daim Cake £1.6


Nordic Fruit Water £0.75
Canned Drinks £1.05
Bottled Water £0.95
Rocks – Raspberry & Lime £1.6
Rocks – Strawberry & Blackcurrant £1.6
Rocks – Blackcurrant & Elderflower £1.6
Rocks – Mango & Orange £1.6
Belvoir Pressé – Elderflower £1.6
Belvoir Pressé – Raspberry Lemonade £1.6
Belvoir Pressé – Cucumber & Mint £1.6
Belvoir Pressé – Pink Grapefruit £1.6
Filter Coffee £1
Tea £1
Latte £1.5
Cappuccino £1.5
Espresso £1.5


With this post, I have presented all the information about the Ikea UK Menu and Prices list, which will surely help you before visiting Dishoom or ordering food online.

Still, if you have any doubts then you can visit its official site mentioned in this post. I hope you will enjoy what you craved for followed by this article

You can visit more menus like this by referring to the site menuprices.co.uk.

FAQs For Ikea Menu Prices

IKEA Restaurant Menu

What are the Ikea menu prices near me?

Ikea has menu item prices between £0.05 and £6.15. Menu items range from the lowest priced item Butter Portion to the highest priced item 1/2 Jerk Chicken.

The price range of the menu of Ikea at the store generally varies between £0.05 – £6.15

What time is IKEA breakfast UK?

If you’re wondering what time Ikea breakfast is in the UK, you’re in luck. Most Ikea cafes are open from 10 am to 11 am for breakfast. That’s pretty early for a supermarket, but IKEA doesn’t open until 9 am on Saturdays and 11 am on Sundays.

What time does breakfast finish at IKEA?

IKEA’s breakfast times end at 11:30 am on Monday through Sunday, but you should check ahead of time to ensure that they will serve you.

Does Ikea still have a cafeteria?

Did you know that Ikea has a cafeteria? They have one in all of their stores, including the newest store in the UK, which opened just a few months ago. You can usually find the cafeteria when you enter the store. The prices for the food are fairly reasonable, and they make it easy to afford.

Can I take away IKEA food?

You’ve probably seen IKEA furniture, but have you ever wondered if they serve takeaway? The Swedish homewares retailer is famous for its cheap flat-pack furniture and affordable cafeteria. Luckily, the answer to this question is yes.

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