Verve Coffee Roasters Menu Price List 2023

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Verve Coffee Roasters Menu Prices

Founded in 2007, Verve Coffee Roasters stands unique in serving quality coffee made from the finest coffees from around the world. Verve Coffee Roasters Menu Prices are quite affordable and reasonable too.

Verve Coffee Roasters Menu features a selection of hot and cold drinks, fresh pastries, baked goods, salads, and puddings. It also caters to those people observing gluten-free or vegan diets.

With American import, Verve Coffee Roasters offers great space and nicely made coffee, hand-roasted daily, enjoy craft coffees with unique tasting & roasting profiles.

Check out the latest Verve Coffee Roasters Menu Price List 2023 –

Verve Coffee Roasters Menu Price List

Item Price

African Whole Beans

Ethiopia Halo Halo SOE $21.75
Ethiopia Sakaro $22.75
Guji Highlands Natural $21.00
Busambo Natural LOT 422 $24.25
Kenya Rung’eto Peaberry $24.25


Streetlevel $18.75
Seabright House Blend $18.25
Vancouver Decaf $19.50
The 1950 $19.50
Sermon $18.75
Buena Vista Dark Roast $17.75
Bronson French Roast $17.75


Espresso $4.00
Macchiato $4.75
Gibraltar $5.00
Cappuccino $5.00
Latte $5.75
Mocha (small 8oz) $6.25
Mocha (regular 12oz) $6.75
Americano (small 8oz) $4.00
Americano (regular 12oz) $5.75
Espresso Tonic $6.00


Panama Jurutungo Gesha Natural (8oz) $65
Panama Elida Estate Green-Tip Gesha (8oz) $65
Costa Rica Los Girasoles Gesha (8oz) $45


Iced English Breakfast $4.50
Iced Moroccan Mint $4.50
Iced Jamaica Cascara $4.50
English Breakfast Tea $5.00
Peppermint Tea $4.00
Chamomile Tea $4.00
Rooibos Tea $4.00
Turmeric Ginger Tea $4.00
Houjicha Tea $5.00
Jasmine Pearl Tea $6.50
Phoenix Dangcong Tea $7.50
Bao Zhong Tea $5.00
Jade Oolong Tea $5.00


Avocado Toast $13.00
Garlic Goat Cheese and Tomato Toast $9.00
Egg + Cheese $8.50
Breakfast Sandwich $9.50
Prosciutto Manchego Baguette $12.00
Biscuit & Jam $5.00
Acai Bowl $10.00
Breakfast Del Sur $8.00
Smoked Salmon Toast $15.00
B.L.A.T $12.00

Grab + Go

Coconut Chia Pudding $7.50
Overnight Oats $7.50
Yoghurt + Granola $7.50
Vegan Grain Bowl $10.00
Kale Chicken Caesar Wrap $11.00
Nitro Flash Brew Case $45.00
Mixed Green Salad $8.00


Brewed Coffee $4.50
Pour Over Colombia Amparo Maya Natural $5.00
Pour Over Kenya Rung’eto Peaberry $6.00
Pour Over Streetlevel $4.25
Pour Over Decaf $4.25
Au Lait $5.00
Nitro Flash Brew $5.50
Missile $5.75


Bowl of Soul $5.25
Hot Chocolate (small 8oz) $4.75
Hot Chocolate (regular 12oz) $5.00
Steamer (small 8oz) $2.50
Steamer (regular 12oz) $3.50
Cold Milk $3.50
Chocolate Milk $4.00
Box of Freshly Brewed Coffee (96oz) $28.00


Croissant $4.00
Chocolate Croissant $4.50
Strawberry Oat Scone $4.50
Chocolate Chip Cookie $3.25
Lemon Poppyseed Muffin $4.00
Blueberry muffin $4.00
Vegan Banana Bread $4.50
Brownie $5.00
Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie $3.25
Vegan Snickerdoodle $3.25


Maple Granola $7.00
Mixed Berry Jam $8.00
Avocado Toast Kit $16.00
Oatmeal Pancake Kit $18.00
Verve Brunch Kit $30.00

Draft Bar

Original Nitro Flash Brew $5.25
Single Origin Flash Brew $5.25
Vancouver Decaf Flash Brew $5.25
Flash Brew Flight $7.00
Flash White $5.00
Coconut Sugar Vanilla Draft Latte $5.50
Honey Lavender Draft Latte $5.50
Rosemary Grapefruit $5.50
Verve Juniper Tonic $5.00
Cascara Vermouth Spritz $5.00
Whalebird Kombucha $5.00

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Verve Coffee Roasters Menu

How much can you spend at Verve Coffee Roasters on average?

Depending on your order of food and drinks, customers’ average spending is about $20.

Are there vegan drink options on the Verve Coffee Roasters menu?

Yes, Verve Coffee Roasters offers vegan drink options like plain espresso drinks, plain brewed coffee, and plain teas. Make sure to don’t add any milk or flavors to maintain their vegan status.

What is the most popular at Verve Coffee Roasters?

Coffee and espresso drinks.

What time does Verve Coffee Roasters start serving coffee?

Most of the Verve Coffee Roasters restaurants start serving coffee at 8:00 am.

Are there decaf drinks on Verve Coffee Roasters Menu?

Yes, Verve Coffee Roasters serves decaffeinated pour-over coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, and Americano.


Verve Coffee Roasters has an extensive menu featuring a selection of hot & cold drinks, fresh pastries, baked goods, salads, and puddings. You can also find gluten-free or vegan options on their Verve Coffee Roasters menu.

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