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Hello Friends! … And Welcome to If you are looking for the best Amigos Menu Prices UK, you have come to the right place! In this post, you will get the latest list of Amigos Menu Prices in the UK.

Furthermore, Amigos menu list includes Burgers, Classics, Chicken, Kids, Veggie, Sides, Milkshakes, Drinks, Drinks and Dips.

However, in this article, you can find out the food prices based on your need. Sometimes Amigos UK Menu and Prices can be slightly different from location to location in the UK. However, you can ensure yourself by visiting the official site.

View the latest Amigos Prices for the entire Amigos Menu featuring Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Drinks.

Amigos also offers Delivery & Takeaway services for its customers to have their meals delivered to them.

Here is the Amigos Menu Price list which you can check while ordering your food:


Amigos Menu Prices

Amigos UK Menu with Prices


The Amigo £9.25
The Jacob £9.25
The Breakie £9.25
The Mexican £9.25
El Guapo £9.25
The Happynero £9.25
The Texan £9.25


Hot Dog £7.85
Classic Dog £6.4
The Famous Double Cheeseburger £5.99


Single Chicken Burger £6.4
Double Chicken Burger £9.35
Chicken Wrap £6.4
Chicken Pitta £6.4
Buff Chick £7.8
Buff Wings £7.8
Chicken Tenders £6.4
Amigos Wings £6.4
Chicken & Rice £7.8


Kids Cheeseburger £6
The Mini Chicken £6
Kids Chicken Popcorn £6
Kids 3 Chicken Tenders £6


Hi-Jack Vegan Burger £7.15
Veggie Wrap £6.4
Fun Guy £5.99


Buff Wings £7.8
Amigos Wings £6.4
Chicken Tenders £6.4
Mac ‘N’ Cheese Bites £4.3
Boring Fries £2.2
Onion Rings £3.5
Chicken Popcorn £5.7
3 Halloumi £4.2
Rice £4.8


Vanilla £4.9
Lotus £4.9
Banana £4.9
Strawberry £4.9
Chocolate £4.9
Daim £4.9
Dairy Milk £4.9
Dairy Milk Caramel £4.9
Twix £4.9
Milky Way £4.9
Galaxy £4.9
Bounty £4.9
Milkybar £4.9
M&M’S Peanuts £4.9
Mars £4.9
Crunchie £4.9
Munchies £4.9
Mint Aero £4.9
Kinder Bueno £4.9
Kinder Bueno White £4.9
Skittles £4.9
Maltesers £4.9
Bubblegum £4.9
Ferrero Rocher £5.7
Reese’S Butter Cups £5.7
Hershey’S Cookies ‘N’ Creme £5.7


Coke Zero £1.4
Coca Cola £1.55
7 Up £1.4
Vimto £1.4
Fanta Orange £1.4
Amigos Water £1.4
Irn Bru £1.4
Red Bull Sugar Free £2.25
Red Bull Original £2.3
Red Bull Watermelon £1.5
Red Bull Tropical £1.5


The Original Amigos £0.5
The Famous Amigos Garlic Dip £0.3
Chilli Dip £0.3

FAQ’s For Amigos Menu Prices


What are the Amigos menu prices near me?

Amigos has menu item prices between £0.3 and £9.35. Menu items range from lowest priced item The Famous Amigos Garlic Dip to highest priced item Double Chicken Burger.
The price range of the menu of Amigos at the store generally varies between: £0.3 – £9.35


With this post, I have presented all information about the Amigos UK Menu and Prices list, which will surely help you before visiting Dishoom or ordering food online.

Still, if you have any doubts then you can visit its official site mentioned in this post. I hope you will enjoy what you craved for followed by this article

You can visit more menus like this by referring to the site

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