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Chiquito UK Menu Prices, Delivery & Offers – New Chiquito Menu [Updated]

Hello Friends!.., Welcome to the latest Chiquito Menu Prices of Chiquito Locations in the UK. If you are looking for the best Chiquito Menu Prices UK, you have come to the right place! In this post, you will get the latest list of Chiquito Menu Prices in the UK.

Furthermore, Chiquito menu list includes Meal Deals, Veganuary, Starters & Street Food, Tortillas – Build Your Own, Burgers, Our Famous Fajitas, North & South, Grill, Greens & Grains, Sides, Desserts, Something Sweet, Soft Drinks and Fruit Juices, Beer & Cider, Wine, Wine and Cocktails.

However, in this article, you can find out the food prices based on your need. Sometimes Chiquito UK Menu and Prices can be slightly different from location to location in the UK. However, you can ensure yourself by visiting the official site.

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View the latest Chiquito Prices for the entire Chiquito Menu featuring Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Drinks.

Chiquito also offers Delivery & Takeaway services for its customers to have their meals delivered to them.

Here is the Chiquito Menu Price list which you can check while ordering your food:


Chiquito UK Menu and Prices

Chiquito Menu With Prices UK


Starters & Street Food

Vegan Loaded Wedges (VE) £6.2
Tortilla Chips & Dips (V) £4
Chicken Wings £6.6
Jalapeño Poppers (Mild) (V) £5
Crispy Halloumi Sticks (V) £6.2
Banana Blossom Croquettes (VE) £7.2

Meal Deals

Tortilla Meal Deal £25
Meal Deal for 1 £15
Vegan Loaded Wedges (VE) £6.2
Banana Blossom Croquettes (VE) £7.2
Banana Blossom Burger (VE) £14


Vegan Paella for 1(VE) £14.8
Vegan Fiesta Fajita (VE) £13
Vegan Corn Ribs (VE) £14.9
Vegan Vegarrito (VE) £11.8

Tortillas – Build Your Own

Build Your Own Burrito £12
Build Your Own Chimichanga £12
Build Your Own Enchilada £12


Southern Fried Chicken Burger £11.9
Texan Stack £15
Banana Blossom Burger (VE) £14
Pork Carnitas Burger £14.8
Classic Beef Burger £10.8
Nacho Chilli Cheese Chicken Burger £13.8

Our Famous Fajitas

Classic Grilled Chicken Fajita £14.6
BBQ Chicken & Pulled Pork Fajita £15.4
Vegan Fiesta Fajita (VE) £13
Halloumi & Veg Fajita (V) £14.9
Nacho Chilli Cheese Chicken Fajita🌶️ £15.6

North & South

Beef Chilli £12.2
Five Bean & Roasted Veg Chilli (V) £10
Paella £14.8
Vegan Paella for 1(VE) £14.8
Quesadilla £13.2
Birria £13.6


Vegan Corn Ribs (VE) £14.9
Ribs & Wings £15.9
Southern Fried Chicken & BBQ Pulled Pork £14.9
Half Rack of Ribs £14.9
Full Rack of Ribs £19.9

Greens & Grains

Chicken Fajita Salad £10.6
Naked Burrito £10.9
Topped salad with Chicken + chorizo skewer £13.8
Topped Salad with Halloumi + Veg Skewer (V) £13.8
Vegan Vegarrito (VE) £11.8


Skin On Fries (V) £3.6
Spiced Fries (VE) £4.2
Sweet Potato Fries (VE) £4.2
Onion rings (V) £3.9
Rice (VE) £3.2
Coleslaw (V) £2.9
Citrus Salad (VE) £3
Garlic Tortilla (VE) £4.4
Loaded Corn (V) £3.9
Loaded Skin-on Fries £5.8


Clementine & Raspberry Tart (V) £6.2
4 Churros (V) £4.9
8 Churros (V) £6.9
Golden Nugget Cheesecake (V) £6
Chocolate Chilli Tart (V) £5.8
White Chocolate & Passion Fruit Tart (VE) £6.2
Jude’s Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream (100ml) (VE) £3
Callestick Clotted Cream & Vanilla (125ml) (V) £3
Callestick Clotted Cream Strawberry (125ml) (V) £3
Callestick Double Chocolate Fudge (125ml) (V) £3

Something Sweet

Skittles Pouch 196g £3.5
Galaxy Minstrels Pouch 125g £3.5
Maltesers Pouch 102g £3.5

Soft Drinks and Fruit Juices

Coca Cola £1.65
Diet Coke £1.5
Coke Zero £1.5
Fanta £1.5
Sprite £1.5
Belvoir Elderflower Presse £3
Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade 250ml £3
J2O Apple and Mango £2.8
J2O Orange and Passionfruit £2.8
Strathmore Still Water £2.6
Strathmore Sparkling Water £2.6

Beer & Cider

Corona Bundle £6
Corona 330ml £4.6
Desperados £4.8
Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime £4.8
Corona 620ml £6.6
Modelo £5
San Miguel £4.4
Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana £5.2


El Velero Verdejo Blanco £16
Corte Vigna Merlot £17.8
Midea Prosecco £21


Franklin & Sons Manchester Raspberry Infused Gin & Sicilian Lemon Tonic Can 200ml 5.5% ABV £3.99
Franklin & Sons Red leg and Cola 200ml 5% ABV £3.99
Shake Baby Raspberry Mojito Can 250ml 4% ABV £4.49

Chiquito Opening Hours

Saturday 8:30 am – 11:00 pm
Sunday 8:30 am – 10:30 pm
Monday 9:00 am – 11:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am – 11:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 11:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am – 11:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 11:00 pm


In conclusion, this post contains a full Chiquito Menu with Prices 2022. Indeed, I have tried my best to describe all the authenticated and collected data. Still, you can ensure yourself by visiting the official site given in this post.

Hopefully, you like it and find it informative. If you have any questions then write them down below in the comment section. Thank you for being with the whole article.

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Chiquito Menu Prices

What are the Chiquito menu prices near me?

Chiquito has menu item prices between £1.5 and £25. Menu items range from lowest priced item Diet Coke to highest priced item Tortilla Meal Deal.
The price range of the menu of Chiquito at the store generally varies between: £1.5 – £25

Chiquito Customer Service

Chiquito Official Website –

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