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Shakeaway Menu Prices, Delivery & Offers 2022 [UPDATED]

If you are looking for the best Shakeaway Menu Prices UK, you have come to the right place! Well, it is quite difficult to find it online, because unfortunately, the restaurant does not publish any official Shakeaway Price List online. They do provide Shakeaway Menu List of UK however.

You can still see the complete Shakeaway Menu and prices in this post. Although I tried to provide as accurate information as possible, data may differ depending on where Shakeaway is located in the UK. To verify your data, you can visit the official site.

Shakeaway Menu UK offers milkshakes and smoothies as well as hot drinks such as hot shakes and healthy shakes. It also allows for certain dietary restrictions like dairy-free or nut-free options. In select stores, fat-free frozen yogurt is also available.

The store also offers dairy-free milkshakes in a variety of flavors for vegans, as well as soya milk and soya cream for people who are lactose intolerant. You can choose from ice cream, milk or a flavor you prefer. You can also choose from any flavor products by McVitie’s, Cadbury’s, Mars, and Nestle.

View the latest Shakeaway Prices for the entire Tops Pizza Menu featuring Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Drinks.

Shakeaway also offers Delivery & Takeaway services for its customers to have their meals delivered to them.

Shakeaway Menu Prices

Here is the Shakeaway Menu Price list which you can check while ordering your food:

Size Matters

Extra Flavors £0.89 Each
Large With one Flavor £3.99
Regular With one Flavor £2.99

Hot Menu

Add an Extra Espresso Shot to any hot Drink For 0.50

Pretty Teas £0.99 Regular
Pretty Teas £1.15 Large
Nice Cuppa Tea £0.99 Regular
Nice Cuppa Tea £1.15 Large
Coffee £1.40 Regular
Coffee £1.60 Large
Latte £1.40 Regular
Latte £1.60 Large
Hot Chocolate £1.65 Regular
Hot Chocolate £1.95 Large
Nutella Hot Chocolate £1.95 Regular
Nutella Hot Chocolate £2.25 Large
Dairy-free Hot Chocolate £1.65 Regular
Dairy-free Hot Chocolate £1.95 Large
Hot Chocolatey Horlicks £1.95 Regular
Hot Chocolatey Horlicks £2.25 Large
Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate £1.95 Regular
Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate £2.25 Large
White Hot Chocolate £1.65 Regular
White Hot Chocolate £1.95 Large
Ovaltine £1.65 Regular
Ovaltine £1.95 Large
Cappuccino £1.60 Regular
Cappuccino £1.89 Large
White Hot Choca Mocha £1.65 Regular
White Hot Choca Mocha £1.95 Large
Spiced Chai Latte £1.65 Regular
Spiced Chai Latte £1.95 Large
Hot Chocolatey Ovaltine £1.95 Regular
Hot Chocolatey Ovaltine £2.25 Large
Horlicks £1.65 Regular
Horlicks £1.95 Large
Espresso £1.15 Regular
Espresso £1.35 Large
Choca Mocha £1.65 Regular
Choca Mocha £1.95 Large

Extra Ice-cream

Tops and Bottoms £0.49
Extra Ice-cream For £0.49

Hot Stuff Winter Menu

Hot Stuff Winter Menu £4.75 Large
Hot Stuff Winter Menu £3.75 Regular

Smoothies Re-invented

Choose a Free Topping

Smoothies Re-invented Single Flavours £2.95 Regular
Smoothies Re-invented Single Flavours £3.95 Large
Smoothies Re-invented £3.75 Regular
Smoothies Re-invented £4.75 Large

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I have listed all the possible accurate data about the Shakeaway Menu Prices UK. I hope you like it and find it informative to choose your favorite meal according to your craving and budget.

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