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Spudulike Menu Prices UK, Delivery & Offers 2022 (Updated)

How many different varieties of potato-based dishes have you ever tried? There are a few! Spudulike is popular with its interesting menu item that is made from potatoes. If you are looking for the best Spudulike Menu Prices UK, you have come to the right place! This is due to the fact that Spudulike does not release any officially-issued Spudulike Price List but they do release the UK Spudulike Menu List.

In this post, you will be able to explore the entire menu of Spudulike with Prices UK. Be aware that the prices may differ slightly based on where you are in the UK. But, you can confirm the correct information on the official website to confirm you are covered.

Kim Culley and Barbara Cain were the first to launch Spudulike. It was later acquired by the British School of Motoring, which allowed it to grow rapidly as a franchise.

Spudulike has listed a number of potato products within their Spudulike Menu. You can select any of the Baked Potatoes ( A specialty dish) and potato salads with crushed potatoes as well as desserts, side dishes, and desserts from the Spudulike Menu List for UK.

Spudulike Menu Prices

Here is the Spudulike Menu Price list which you can check while ordering:

Crushed & Topped

Chicken Caesar Salad With Chicken Breast, Parmesan and a Cardini Caesar Dressing £4.89
Line-caught Tuna With Sliced Egg, Red Onion and a Classic French Dressing £4.79
Parma ham With Dry-cured Ham, Parmesan and a Balsamic Dressing £4.69
Greek Feta Salad With Olives, Sun Blushed Tomato and a Basil Dressing £3.99
Rocket & Parmesan With Toasted Pine Nuts and a Pesto Dressing £3.69


Cold Drinks

Tango £1.10 Regular
Tango £1.30 Large
Pepsi/Diet Pepsi £1.10 Regular
Pepsi/Diet Pepsi £1.30 Large
Pepsi max/7 up £1.10 Regular
Pepsi max/7 up £1.30 Large
Fruit Shoot £1.95
Chegworth Juices £1.70
Tropicana £1.40
Mineral Water £1.40

Hot Drinks 

Crushed Potato With Parma Ham £4.95
Baked & Filled Chicken Club With Bacon £4.95
Hot Drinks and Cakeslice £3.00
Hot Drinks and Muffin £2.45
Hot Drinks and Danish £2.00
Deluxe Hot Chocolate £1.75
Caffe Mocha £1.70
Caffe Latte £1.65
Cappuccino £1.60
Coffee £1.40
Tea £1.00

Baked & Filled

Classic Beans £3.49
Coleslaw Salad £3.74
Chilli Con Carne £4.19
Chicken Tikka £4.29
Egg Mayo Made With Hellmann’s Light £3.64
Tuna & Sweetcorn Mayo Made With Hellmann’s Light £4.39
Prawn Cocktail Made With Hellmann’s Light £4.79
Cottage Cheese & Chives Low Fat from Longley Farm £3.69
Cheddar Cheese & Pickle With Branston Pickle £3.79


Bacon Pieces £0.50
Extra Cheese £1.00
Garlic Bread £1.00 2 Slices
Garlic Bread £1.45 3 Slices
Chopped red Onion £0.30
Bramston Pickle £0.30
Bacon Pieces £0.50
Extra Cheese £1.00
Coleslaw Salad £1.00

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