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Bills UK Menu Prices 2022 [UPDATED]

Hello Friends! … And Welcome to If you are looking for the best Bills Menu Prices UK, you have come to the right place! In this post, you will get the latest list of Bills Menu Prices in the UK.

Furthermore, the Bills menu list Breakfast, Pancakes, Toast & Oats, Smoothies & Juices, Coffee & tea, Lunch Starters, Sharing Plates, Salads & Bowls, Burgers & Sandwiches, Lunch Mains, Sides, Desserts, White Wine, Red Wine, Sparkling & Rose, Beer & Cider, Cocktails, Dinner Starters, Dinner Starters, and Dinner Mains.

However, in this article, you can find out the food prices based on your need. Sometimes Bills UK Menu and Prices can be slightly different from location to location in the UK. However, you can ensure yourself by visiting the official site.

View the latest Bills Prices for the entire Bills Menu featuring Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Drinks.

Here is the Bills Menu Price list which you can check while ordering your food:


Bills Menu Prices

Bills UK Menu with Prices


Bill’s Garden Plate £12.95
Bill’s Brunch £12.95
Bill’s Plant Plate £12.95
Traditional Breakfast £9.75
Garden Breakfast £9.95
Eggs Royale £9.95
Eggs Benedict £8.5
Smashed Avocado on Toast £8.5
Eggs Avocado Florentine £8.95
Scrambled OGGS on Toast £7.5
Scrambled Eggs on Toast £6.5

Toast & Oats

Apple, Maple and Cinnamon Porridge £6.5
Cumberland Sausage or Smoked Streaky Bacon Sesame Bun £4.95
Toast £3.5


Banana, Strawberries and Blueberries – 3 Stack £7.5
Banana, Strawberries and Blueberries – 5 Stack £8.95
Smoked Streaky Bacon – 3 Stack £8.5
Smoked Streaky Bacon – 5 Stack £9.95

Smoothies & Juices

Supergreens £4.55
Super Berry Smoothie £4.65
Immunity Smoothie £4.65
Tropical £4.55

Lunch Starters

Stone Baked Bread £3.5
Mini Cumberland Sausages £5.25
Padrón Peppers with Miso £4.95
Bill’s Spiced Tortillas £4.5
Giant Green Olives £0.25
Roasted Garlic and Herb Bread £4.5
Tuna Tacos £7.95
Truffalos £6.75
Halloumi Fries £6.75
Crispy Calamari £7.25
Maple Parsnip Soup £5.95
Devilled Chicken Skewers £6.95
Crispy Chicken and Sesame Dumplings £6.5

Coffee & tea

Tea Infusion £2
Bill’s Pot of Tea – for One £2.6
Bill’s Pot of Tea -for Two £3.5
Espresso – Double £2.8
Espresso – Single £2.5
Macchiato – Single £2.55
Macchiato – Double £2.75
Americano £2.6
Mocha £2.95
Flat White £2.95
Latte / Cappuccino £2.85
Matcha Coconut Latte £3.5
Hot Chocolate with Cream £2.95
Golden Latte £0.5

Sharing Plates

Halloumi and Hummus Plate £9.95
Bill’s Sharing Plate £14.95

Salads & Bowls

Smashed Avocado, Feta and Poached Eggs £11.5
Spiced Cauliflower and Butternut Squash Falafel Bowl £12.5

Burgers & Sandwiches

Bill’s Classic Burger £11.95
Halloumi and Avocado Burger £12.5
Buttermilk Chicken Burger £12.95
Dirty Vegan Burger £12.5
Bill’s Fish Finger Sandwich £9.95

Lunch Mains

Eggs Benedict with Fries £11.5
Macaroni Cheese £11.25
Eggs Royale and Fries £12.95
Bill’s Fish Pie £13.95
Steak and Eggs £14.95
Beetroot and Glazed Goat’s Cheese Risotto £13.5
Mojo Marinated Chicken Skewers £12.75


Fries £3.75
Macaroni Cheese £4.75
Sweet Potato Fries £4.25
Truffle Cheese Fries £4.5
Long Stem Broccoli £3.75


Carrot Cake Doughnuts £6.5
Bill’s Flowerpot £7.5
Bill’s Ice Creams and Sorbet £4.95
Warm Triple Chocolate Brownie £6.5
Salted Caramel and Chocolate Tart £6.75
Apple and Mincemeat Crumble £5.95

White Wine

Pinot Grigio La Maglia Rosa £6
Sauvignon Blanc Nettlebed £7.95
Macabeo £5.35
Chardonnay Journey’s End ‘Haystack’ £7.25

Red Wine

Malbec, El Colectivo £7.25
Rioja Crianza Castillo Clavijo £6.5
Tempranillo £5.35
Pinot Noir Giesen Vineyard Selection £7.95

Sparkling & Rose

Prosecco £6.5
Jeio Sparkling Rosé £8.5
Lierre Rosé £5.95

Beer & Cider

Bill’s Beer £4.35
Meantime Pale Ale £4.75
Meantime Yakima Red Ale £4.75
Aspall Cyder £5.15
Menabrea £4.75
Lucky Saint £4.25
Peroni 330ml £6.95
Peroni 660ml £6.95
Peroni Pint £5.5
Peroni Half Pint £3
Peroni Libera 330ml £3.95


Espresso Martini £7.95
Passion fruit Spritz £8.75
Monkey Tennis £8.95
Hedgerow Fizz £6.95
Strawberry Margarita £8.95

Dinner Starters

Mini Cumberland Sausages £5.25
Padrón Peppers with Miso £4.95
Stone Baked Bread £3.5
Giant Green Olives £3.25
Bill’s Spiced Tortillas £4.5
Roasted Garlic and Herb Bread £4.5
Tuna Tacos £7.95
Truffalos £6.75
Maple Parsnip Soup £5.95
Crispy Calamari £7.25
Halloumi Fries £6.75
Devilled Chicken Skewers £6.95
Crispy Chicken and Sesame Dumplings £6.5

Dinner Mains

Pan-Fried Chicken with Wild Mushrooms £13.95
Macaroni Cheese £11.25
Bill’s Fish Pie £13.95
Steak and Eggs £14.95
8oz Sirloin £19.95
Pan-Fried Sea Bass £16.5
Mojo Marinated Chicken Skewers £12.75
Beetroot and Glazed Goat’s Cheese Risotto £13.5
Spiced Cauliflower and Butternut Squash Falafel Bowl £12.5


Monday – Wednesday 8am – 10pm
Thursday – Saturday 8am – 11pm
Sunday 9am – 10pm

FAQs For Bills Menu Prices


What are the Bills menu prices near me?

Bills has menu item prices between £0.25 and £19.95. Menu items range from lowest priced item Giant Green Olives to highest priced item 8oz Sirloin.
The price range of the menu of Bills at the store generally varies between: £0.25 – £19.95


With this post, I have presented all information about the Bills UK Menu and Prices list, which will surely help you before visiting Dishoom or ordering food online.

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